Frequently Asked Questions


Can I try Elmwood Kitchen to see if it works for me? 
Yes, call us for a free sample delivery with no obligation to continue.


Is Elmwood Kitchen a “fast food” restaurant? 
No, we’re different.  We deliver complete, affordable, gourmet meals which meet seniors’ dietary needs.  You tell us which days of the week you want a delicious delivery and you’ll receive that day’s fresh, scrumptious meals prepared by our chef.


Do I have to be home to accept the delivery? 
Yes, someone must be there to receive the delivery.  Deliveries are made between 9 am and  12 noon.  After one or two deliveries, you’ll get to know the driver and the time that he tends to arrive.  If something comes up or you have an appointment, just let us know. We’ll make it work for you.


How much notice do you need to start deliveries? 
We prefer 48 hours notice.  However, if you’re coming home from a nursing home or hospital, we can begin deliveries with 24 hours notice.


How is billing handled? 
We send you an invoice each month and ask that you mail us a personal check or money order.


Do you publish a weekly menu? 
No, we don’t have a restaurant or cafeteria-style menu.  In order to use the freshest and most seasonable ingredients, our chef chooses each day’s enticing entrees from a list of 28. 


How do I sign up? 
Call us at 860-523-1418 ext. 3.  It’s easy to sign up and there’s no cumbersome paperwork process.


What if I live outside the delivery area? 
You can have a relative or friend pick up your meals at our kitchen.


Do you provide other services? 
In affiliation with Juniper Homecare we provide Homemaker, Companion and Personal Care services, Adult Day Service, Family Living and Foster Care and Medical Escort and Transportation.





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